Have you ever considered becoming a hacker? The world of hacking is a dark and mysterious one, and S0urce.io allows you to explore this world and become a supreme hacker. Using a range of skills and the command prompt utility, you must hack other players and attempt to break through their firewalls etc. You can purchase items such as Bitcoin miners from the black market to generate additional funds.

These funds can be used to upgrade your own software and defenses to improve your hacking capabilities, and stop others from breaking into your system. To hack a system, you must choose a specific port and then enter a series of commands on your command prompt interface – if the hack is successful you will receive some bitcoins and improve your rank. This is an extremely interesting game with a unique concept – for those who are interested in the digital world S0urce.io will provide hours of fun!


S0urce.io is developed by GuildForge and SiickOne.



Left clicking and keyboard typing to play.
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