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ZoneRoyale is an epic multiplayer io game that takes inspiration from the hugely popular Zombs Royale and Build Royale. This title puts a spin on this top-down io shooter and provides awesome battle royale gameplay. You start with no weapons and you must move around the map and try to find one.

You can pick up a variety of weapons such as a shotgun, machine gun, pistol and rocket launcher. As you play, the danger zone steadily gets smaller and smaller - you must stay out of it otherwise you will lose health and die! Try and kill as many other players as you can and be the last player standing!

Release Date

November 2018


  • 2D graphics with top-down view
  • Various weapons, including a flame thrower
  • You can carry 2 weapons at a time
  • Power-ups scattered around the map


Web browser



  • Use your mouse to control the character's movement
  • Left mouse button or space bar to shoot
  • Right mouse button or W to sprint
  • Q to switch weapon
  • F to drop weapon
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