Zombidle is a fun and interesting idle clicker game brought to you by Bezerk Studio. In this game, you control a zombie shaman who wields deadly magical powers of destruction - you must use this shaman to destroy the house in front of you - this house keeps respawning and you must continually destroy it to earn points. Click the house to do damage to it - each time you destroy the house you gain skulls.

Use the skulls you collect to purchase upgrades - you can improve the damage rating of your shaman and also purchase zombie hordes that do continual damage over time. Be sure to shoot the people that emerge from the house on fire - you gain extra skulls for killing them! This game is progressive and as you purchase new upgrades their cost increases. With a host of upgrades and units this game is so much fun!

Release Date

March 2016


ZombIdle is developed by Berzerk Studio.


  • Many minions to hire
  • As you destroy the house, the humans can run outside which you can click to give bonus skull
  • Boss battles that can give you plenty of skulls


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS



Use left mouse button to attack and upgrade.

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