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Use deadly weapons to stalk wild animals. Give our hunting games a try today and bring out your deadly side!

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Hunting Games – Get your game face on, take up arms and unleash your inner hunter!

As humans we have hunted since time begun. We have hunted to survive, and we have hunted for fun. Throughout history, hunting has been an important part of our development. Hunting browser games are some of the most diverse and fun available. Some hunting games provide you with deadly weapons with which you must stalk and dispatch a variety of prey. Other hunting games let you take control of vicious predators and see what it is like to be the hunter. Some hunting games are just a heap of fun and take a more comical approach to this genre. Whatever type of game you prefer, we are sure there is a hunting title you will enjoy!

Hunter and Props is a superb first person shooter game with a hunting twist. Take it in turns to be the prop or the hunter – props must disguise themselves as everyday objects such as chairs and tables, and hunters must sniff out the props and eliminate them! Wanderers.io on the other hand is a hunting game in which you must develop a tribe of hunter gatherers by collecting resources and hunting wild animals for food. Build your tribe, recruit new members, and hunt your enemies. As you can see, hunting covers a wide range of games so why not have a look what other hidden gems we have?

What are Hunting Games?

Hunting games allow us to unleash our wild side and use weapons, predators or our own skill to catch, kill and dispatch a variety of targets!

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