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Machine Gun Gardener

Developed by  Studio11508

Machine Gun Gardener is a defense game featuring chaotic battles against hungry farm animals. Protect your crops with an arsenal of weapons in this cartoonishly fun farm defense game.

How to Play

Use a variety of weapons to save your gardens

Machine Gun Gardener features various weapons you can use to take down the persistent threat of crop-munching cattle and sheep. The battle gets more and more chaotic as you struggle to hold back the inevitable cropocalypse.

Pick up munitions and bonuses

There’s a basic gun with rapid-fire potential and unlimited ammunition. Then there are turrets, bombs, a black hole, and a flamethrower at your disposal. Obliterated animals drop ammo for all these weapons, as well as bonuses.

Earn upgrades by unlocking achievements

Pay attention to the upgrades section to keep track of your achievements. Each milestone gives you bonuses that include anything from extra bombs and turrets to increases in your running speed and repair rate.

Defeat a horde of undead animals

When you’ve collected most of the upgrades from ‘Garden Defense’, you can try your luck in ‘Horde Survival’ mode. This features intense waves of undead farm animals who also attack you.

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  • Funny and frantic gameplay
  • Various weapons and upgrades
  • Two distinct game modes
  • Cartoony 3D graphics

Release Date

August 2021


Studio11508 made Machine Gun Gardener.


Web browser


Mouse + Keyboard Controls

  • WASD = move
  • Left shift + WASD = run
  • Space = jump
  • Mouse = look
  • Left mouse button = fire primary weapon
  • Right mouse button / R = fire secondary weapon
  • 1-4 on keyboard or mouse wheel = cycle secondary weapons
  • Tab: pause menu
  • X = cancel / back / exit menu

Gamepad Controls

See Controls menu for details