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Vex 5

(140,994 votes)
November 2020
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Vex 5 is the fifth platform game in the Vex series. Each level is a labyrinth of deadly devices and traps. You have to outsmart these obstacles to reach the end. Expect some of the toughest challenges yet in this fifth installment.

How to Play Vex 5


To complete a level of Vex 5 means learning to accept failure. Because you’re going to be repeatedly decapitated by spikes and spinning blades. Through this harrowing experience, you figure out how to master the level. Then, you’re transported to the next level to do it all again.

In Vex, there’s a pattern to the way everything works. It’s wise to wait and watch. Take your time and then make your move through the challenging obstacles.

Standard Levels

There are 10 regular acts to work through. As you'd imagine, it gets trickier. The labyrinth becomes more complex and traps more challenging.

Challenge Room

The standard game mode in Vex 5 features 10 stages. But there’s an entirely new game mode. 

The challenge room is a timed marathon through 30 levels of deadly puzzles. There’s a death count and a clock. If you start again, the order is different to put your instinctive skills to the test.


Vex 5 gives you a virtual trophy cabinet with 4 achievement categories. You can earn cool trophies for completing an act perfectly without dying, or dying too much. Then there are Hardcore achievements. These achievements include hidden stars dotted around each level. 

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  • Challenging yet addictive gameplay
  • A range of complex levels to figure out
  • Trophies to reward you for progress
  • New challenge mode puts your skills to the test

Release Date

November 2020


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Vex 5 is made with HTML5 technology.


  • AD or left/right arrow to move
  • W or up arrow to jump
  • S or down arrow to crouch (enter an act)