Trollface Quest: Horror 2

Recreate famous movie scenes in Trollface Quest Horror 2. The second episode of Trollface Quest Horror! There are more horror scenes to solve, do you dare to try them all?

Troll Face quest horror features some of the most well-known horror movies in existence such as The Shining, Phsycho, and The Little Shop of Horrors. The simple point and click action and hilarious puzzles will frustrate and entertain you at the same time.

In each level, you must click the objects to make the scene progress. If the scene plays through properly, you fail - you must do something different to create an alternate ending and unlock the next level. This puzzle game allows you to relive some epic horror moments, but also have fun.

See if you can complete all of the levels and guess each of the films and tv shows in this next installment of Trollface Horror.

Release Date

  • October 2018 (Android)
  • November 2018 (iOS)
  • October 2019 (HTML5)


This game is made by PPLLAAYY.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android
  • iOS



Press left mouse button to interact.

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