Use your computer to play Or try one of the games below! is an online free roam multiplayer game in which you will embark on a journey through the magical world of scrims. You will need to quickly gain experience points by defeating small monsters that you come across through the lands. Defeating them will in turn empower your character and increase its strength.

Once you are strong enough you will be able to take on even more difficult challenges and face powerful bosses of all kinds. Remember that this is an open world game meaning that other powerful players can battle and defeat you if you are not careful. Have fun!

Release Date

April 2018


  • A cool open-world multiplayer RPG
  • Upgradeable character
  • Many different monsters and bosses
  • Various locations to explore
  • Mini-map to see the monsters' location


This game is a web browser game.


  • Left mouse button to move/attack
  • P to open options
  • 123 to use a potion
  • QE to use an ability