Sapper Classic

Sapper Classic is an online version of the classic Minesweeper game. Minesweeper is one of the first games to become available on PC’s and young and old have grown to love the game over the many years that it has been around. The game is simple, try to find all of the bombs that have been scattered around the game map and flag them with your set of red flags.

To be successful in this game you need to try and create an opening in the map to which you will see numbers appear indicating to you if any bombs are around that square. Segregate suspicious square before placing your flags and finding all of the bombs. Good luck!

Release Date

October 2018


Sapper Classic was developed by Lionsmin.


  • A modern version of the classic Minesweeper
  • Adjustable width and height size
  • Cool music to accompany your game


Web browser



  • Press left mouse button to open a tile
  • Press right mouse button to place a flag
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