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PUSH is a cool and unique puzzle game in which you must press a range of different buttons to unlock the blue switches. To complete a level, you must press the square blue button. This might sound easy, but you must work through a series of puzzles in order to reach that button. The blue button is hidden and you must use the other buttons to unlock it.

The puzzles are easy to start with – in the first level for example, the blue button is clearly visible and you simply have to press it to progress. As you progress further however the puzzles become increasingly difficult. You must use logic and your brain to complete the challenges and work out how you can access the blue buttons. This game is great fun and a true challenge so start pushing today!


This web version is a demo version, you can play the full version via the mobile apps that you can find below.


PUSH is developed by Michal Pawlowski and Maciej Targoni (Hamster and Targoni).


Left click to activate a button.