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Overlink is a challenging and fun 3D puzzle title. In this game, you must try and fill all of the empty cells and join the lines together. You can fully rotate the object in question so that you can see all of the available moves.

Because you are working with a 3D shape, the game is much more challenging – you must think about all of the angles and sides. There are over 20 different levels to play, each of which has a different awesome puzzle. Can you conquer Overlink?

Release Date

February 2019


Overlink is made by Danny Yaroslavski.


  • 3D graphics with rotatable shapes
  • Various shape models
  • Mind-bending puzzle game
  • 30 levels to beat, more on the mobile app


  • Web browser
  • iOS


  • AD or left/right arrow to rotate
  • Drag left mouse button to move the line