Monkey GO Happy: Stage 164

Monkey Go Happy Stage 164 is another amazing adventure in the Monkey Go Happy Series. This is the 164th adventure our adorable monkey will embark upon and this time you must help him explore a spooky red castle that is crowned with a huge skull! Be sure to talk to the spooky merchant and try to collect the items he requires to trade with.

Make your way deep inside the castle and explore each room thoroughly. As usual, you will have to solve puzzles and challenges and collect items in your rucksack. Be sure to look out for the monkey toys and any other item you can find – you never know when it may come in use! Can you trade with the merchant and discover the secrets of this sinister castle? If you enjoy this episode, why not try out the next stage of Happy Go Monkey – Stage 165?

Release Date

February 2018


Monkey GO Happy: Stage 164 is developed by Pencilkids.


  • A tall red skull castle full of puzzles
  • A merchant whom you can give skulls to proceed with the game
  • Rainy weather


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Use left mouse button to pick-up or activate object.
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