Monkey GO Happy: Stage 163

Monkey Go Happy Stage 163 is another exciting adventure in the popular Monkey Go Happy Series. This short but enjoyable episode takes place inside a strange blue temple ruin. You must help our sad and adorable little monkey find his way through the temple and try to uncover a series of clues to escape!

The usual game mechanics apply (if you have played another Happy Go Monkey title) – you must click on different objects in the level and try to collect items and solve puzzles. If you check your rucksack you will see the different items you have to collect. The ruined temple is expansive and you must work your way through each room and solve the puzzles. Can you help our monkey unlock the secrets of the blue temple? If you enjoy this stage, then why not try the next episode – stage 164?

Release Date

February 2018


Monkey GO Happy: Stage 163 was developed by Pencilkids.


  • Big ruin to explore
  • Hidden objects on the walls
  • Featuring a granny sad monkey and a big giant monster


This game is a web browser game (desktop and mobile).


Left click to interact with an object.
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