Master of Runes

Master of Runes is the addictive puzzle game where you must fire colored runes to the stack of runes constantly growing above your tower. Match at least 2 of the same color runes to destroy them but the higher the combination of runes you can create the better!

Make sure that destroy the runes as quickly as you can because if the runes congregate and come into contact with your tower that’s game over. After you complete each level you will have the opportunity to upgrade your tower however beware there is no save feature so once you lose you will have start over again.

Release Date

May 2018


Master of Runes is made by HongByte.


  • A puzzle game about runes
  • Interesting gameplay concept
  • Abilities to use
  • Upgradeable option between levels
  • No saved progress, survive as long as possible


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



Left click to destroy runes.
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