Mass Mayhem 5

Mass Mayhem 5 is the fifth instalment of this intense and bloody platform shooter game. In this version, you must fight against never-ending hordes of zombies using whatever weapons you can find! Use the keyboard arrow keys to move your character, and use the space bar to attack. During each level you must defeat a series of zombies whilst surviving.

To help your survival, you can jump in your immense mechanised robot that fires assault cannons and rockets! Alternatively you can jump in your car and run the zombies over! At the end of each round, you can use the cash you have gathered to purchase new weapons for both your character and your mech. This game is so much fun and it has three different locations to fight across too! Can you cause mass mayhem and survive the apocalypse?

Release Date

March 2013


Mass Mayhem 5 is developed by Pyrozen.


  • Different zombie models
  • Many weapons to use and upgrade
  • You can customize the character's appearance and create a cool one
  • You can drive a car and even a robot to eliminate the zombies


This game is a web browser game.



  • Left and right arrow to move
  • X to enter a car or robot, hold to open a crate
  • Space bar to attack
  • 1 to 0 number to select a weapon
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