Lost Without You

Lost Without You is an awesome 3D puzzle game with an interesting and fun back story, great challenging gameplay and cool effects. The story follows Mary and Zoey – these two girls have been trapped underground in a strange dark labyrinth and your mission is to help them reunite and escape from the maze! You must control both characters separately and take into account the different heights that they can jump.

You must move through each level and collect the orbs scattered around the map to fill your jumping bar. The game really is interesting and a refreshing change on the puzzle genre – you will find yourself really interested in the story and trying to save these two girls from peril. Can you complete every level and escape the labyrinth?

Release Date

April 2018


Jack Rugile and Nicolle Witte made this game for Ludum Dare 41.


  • 3D graphics
  • Cool light and darkness effects
  • Simple and straightforward gameplay
  • You take turns to control the character
  • 4 levels to beat


Web browser



Use WASD to control the movement.
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