Loisian Runes

Loisian Runes is the brain-teasing puzzle game where you must solve rune puzzle by creating the correct shape as shown in the bottom right-hand comer to complete the puzzle. You have been cursed to complete runes until prove your abilities and you win your freedom so get going!

You must be careful and tactical in your movement as if you start going down the wrong path your rune will become unrecognizable and very difficult to match to the desired shape. You can move in 6 different directions in the game and there are over 25 levels to complete. Good luck!

Release Date

June 2018


Crescentyr made Loisian Runes.


  • A cool shape-matching puzzle game
  • Challenging gameplay
  • You can move to 6 different directions
  • More than 25 levels to complete
  • Keyboard shortcuts to move a block


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



Use left mouse button or WASDQE to choose a direction.
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