King's Guard: A Trio of Heroes

King's Guard: A Trio of Heroes is an awesome match three game with a cool medieval theme. In this title you must control three brave heroes and attempt to push back the tide of dark forces that threaten to overwhelm the land! You have a playing field on the right hand side in which you must match various different colored gems together - for each three or more gems you match together your heroes perform attacks!

Try to gain huge combos to perform more deadly attacks and defend your city! As you progress you can upgrade your towers and heroes so they can perform more deadly attacks and repel greater amounts of evil forces. This game is a heap of fun to play and will keep you entertained for hours with its fun match three gameplay! Try to repel the dark forces and bring peace to the land!

Release Date

February 2011


King's Guard: A Trio of Heroes is made by IriySoft.


  • Enjoyable castle defense game featuring three heroes that spread across three lines to eliminate the incoming monsters
  • Match-3 gameplay with plenty of effects as you match the tiles, some of them are healing the hero, placing guard tower, and earning gold
  • The heroes can level up and equip new weapon and armor. Buy more using the earned gold


This game is a web browser game.



Drag left mouse button to swap tiles.

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