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Merge Games

Merge anything from cakes to cars and create entirely new items! Play a range of popular merge games here.

Recommended Merge Games

The merge games genre is a relatively new one, featuring games that crossover into numerous other genres. For example, Mergest Kingdom utilizes merging to build houses, farms, and other assets to build a magical kingdom from scratch.

What makes merging games special is their ability to keep you hooked, wanting to know what upgrade the next merge will produce. Road Crash is a racing game that uses merging to upgrade vehicles into better ones. The amount of vehicle upgrades are virtually endless in this title.

Finally, Tower Swap. This game uses merging in a match-3 format, and throws in some tower defense gameplay to create something unique. Build new resources by swapping and matching, and defeat the dragons with your newly created defenses!


What are the most popular Merge Games?

  1. Farm Merge Valley
  2. Cubes 2048.io
  3. Drop & Merge the Numbers
  4. Man Runner 2048
  5. Tower Swap
  6. Numbers Arena
  7. Merge Master Tanks: Tank Wars
  8. Tank Merge Royal
  9. Deep Sea Duel
  10. Merge Defense

What are the best Merge Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Tower Swap
  2. Merge the Numbers
  3. Cubes 2048.io
  4. Farm Merge Valley
  5. Merge & Construct

What are some underrated Merge Games?

  1. Little Alchemy 2
  2. Little Alchemy

What are Merge Games?

Merge games involve merging resources and other items to create entirely new ones as pivotal to the gameplay. In some of these games you may need to merge 3 items or more, similar to match-3. In others, you may only need to merge two items or more.

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