Doctor Acorn 2

Dr. Acorn is back! This adorable little walnut has lost his headlamp and cannot treat his patients! You must help him retrieve it so he can tend to the squirrel. With 10 action packed levels, this game had great playability and you will find each level challenging and tricky – you earn a star rating for each level, so once you have competed one, you can always try again to get a perfect 3 stars.

As Dr. Acorn cannot move himself (He’s an acorn duh!) you must help him! Each level contains a series of objects such as fans and spring pads that help Dr. Acorn move. Watch out for the obstacles such as spikes, warthogs and exploding chickens and killer wasps! As you progress, the levels become harder and more complex – don’t rush and choose your moves carefully! Help Dr. Acorn recover his headlamp today!


Doctor Acorn 2 is developed by Maksim Eliseenko.



Use left mouse button to interact with an object.
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