Death Squad: The Last Mission

Death Squad: The Last Mission is a first person shooter game in which you are a soldier caught behind enemy lines. Your squadrons helicopter has been shot down deep into enemy territory and you are all fighting to survive. The is no chance of escape however you are all determined to go down fighting.

Your only mission now is to hold the enemy off a long as you can, use your military training and the little firearms that you have left to shoot enemies on sight. There is a wave format, try progress as far as you can. Have fun!

Release Date

August 2018


  • 3D endless first-person shooter game
  • Commandable AI teammates accompany you
  • Warmup time between each wave
  • Supplies around the city


Web browser


  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Space bar to jump
  • Shift to sprint
  • Ctrl to crouch
  • Left mouse button to shoot
  • Right mouse button to zoom/block
  • R to reload
  • F to do an action
  • C to use a medkit
  • Backspace to drop a weapon
  • G to throw a grenade
  • / to select a grenade
  • T to enter bullet time
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