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Met Rage

(96,893 votes)
Martian Games
July 2019
HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Browser (desktop-only)

Met Rage game, the awesome shooting game underground and is one of our multiplayer first-person shooter games. This awesome action game has an open world and allows players to delve into an underground subway system and try to rack up the kills. The underground is slightly different as it has a post-apocalyptic design - it looks like the end of the world.

Martian Games have created a superb game set - you really feel the urgency of the situation as you explore the abandoned subway hunting for prey. Trains still rattle along the lines periodically - watch out for them otherwise you could end up squished on the lines.

This video game has intense first-person shooter gameplay. It is the best aspect of the game - you must have skill and great reflexes. Players must move quickly and use their weapons effectively to gain as many kills as possible.

There is also a superb “capture the flag” game mode. In this Mad Max style world, your team must try to capture the flag in the subway and try to return it to your own base. Each time you successfully do this, your team earn points. The winner is the team with the highest point score once the timer has run down.

It is possible to play games with your friends and work as a team to try and win the match. Alternatively, you may simply want to try and score as many kills as possible to create fun games. When choosing a player character, ensure to pick a decent gun loadout to help you get more kills.

When playing, gamers can complete side missions and use a myriad of awesome weapons. Take up arms and control guns such as a machine gun, pistol, and even deadly rocket launchers. As you play you will become proficient in many different weapons - you will become an elite assassin in the subway.

If you enjoy fantastic player multiplayer games, you will love Met Rage. This game really does have a great deal to offer. The gameplay is fast paced and exciting. Furthermore, the game modes are interesting and allow both teamwork or solo skill. The game has a registered trademark, but anyone can play it providing they have a web browser.

What makes this game even more interesting is easy to pick-up controls. The game uses standard WASD fps controls so skilled gamers can pick it up instantly. Moreover, the commands and keyboard shortcuts are easy to remember. If you love FPS games, you will find the controls and gameplay superb in Met Rage.

This game could be considered similar to Mad Max from Avalanche Studios - the gameplay and graphics use similar concepts. Alternatively, it also has similarities to ID software games by Tim Willits such as Wolfenstein.

Release Date

July 2019


MetRage is developed by Martian Games, the same developer who made another awesome multiplayer airplane game called Air Wars 2.


Web browser


  • WASD/arrow keys = move
  • Shift = toggle sprint
  • Mouse = aim/shoot
  • Right-click = scope
  • Mouse wheel/numpad = cycle weapons
  • G = Throw Grenade
  • P = Toggle Post-FX
  • ~ = Menu