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Cuisine Royale

(232 votes)
February 2020
Browser (desktop-only), Steam

CRSED is the craziest battle royale game on the market. Started as an April Fool's joke, it's become a popular multiplayer game with beautifully crisp 3D graphics, unique characters, and rewarding progression. Wear kitchen utensils to protect yourself and shopping bags to store your loot. CRSED is next-level silliness, making it a whole lot of fun!


In CRSED, anything is possible. It's a game that isn't bound to conventional rules. Find guns and ammo to attack other players and defend yourself using pots, pans, and colanders if you have to.

Find special items for extra abilities, like an oxygen tank for additional stamina or bunny slippers for big jumps! All items are visible on your person, making for wacky visual results. Take to battle in Normandy or Mexico for two completely different experiences.

Not only is it a survival shooter, but there's also mystical powers you can bestow upon the whole server using rituals. These have server-wide effects, like trembling hands, which increases recoil for all players on the server for 60 seconds. It's chaos at its finest, with plenty of rewarding progression making it more than a novelty.

Magic and Rituals

Unlike your typical third-person shooter, there's a world of mysticism and magic to take the battle to other-worldly dimensions. As you progress and kill more players in the game, you're rewarded with sinner souls that can be used to buy traps, symbols, and rituals.

Traps are single units that trap other players like swamp, quicksand or raise a zombie. Symbols have an area of effect that improves life within a space.

The ultimate mystical power is the "weird west ritual." These are powers that affect game mechanics on the server. Some examples include fast run, which increases sprint speed by 200% for everyone, and moon gravity, which lowers gravity across the server. All rituals have a 30-60 second effect time.


As well as using pots and pans to protect your essentials, there is robust body armor and helmets to find on the map too. This is generally more effective than covering yourself in kitchen accessories.

There's a range of loot to discover around the map, some of which you'll find in slot machines and other unusual places. Special items like bunny slippers make you jump higher, and oxygen tanks increase your stamina. Along with the wildly unique gear, there's an arsenal of realistically modeled weapons to find for excellent gunplay.


Players can enjoy a range of compelling motivations to continue playing Cuisine Royale. You can craft and learn new seals, rituals, suits, masks, gestures, and much more functional and cosmetic items. The daily missions will keep you coming back for the Royal bucks.

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  • Massive, intense PvP battles across beautiful landscapes
  • Ancient rituals and magic that can affect entire servers
  • Wear kitchen utensils as armor and shopping bags as storage, if you have to!
  • Outrageously silly and fun gameplay
  • Regularly updated with epic new content

Release Date

June 2018


CRSED is developed by Darkflow Software and published by


  • Web browser
  • Steam


Use your mouse and keyboard to play the game.

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