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Soccer Legends 2021

(404,423 votes)
April 2021
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Soccer Legends 2021 is the latest addition to the two-player Soccer Legends series by MadPuffers. Enjoy playing soccer with a range of new players and teams. Play solo against AI or challenge your friend to a 1-on-1 match!

How to Play

Choose your game mode

Set up a game in tournament or friendly mode. You can play Soccer Legends solo or co-op with a friend. You can also set up the teams in a 1v1,2v2, 1v2, or 2v1 configuration.

Progress through the tournament

Choose the team and players you want from a range of different characters. All the players have either fireball or teleport special abilities. Get the ball in your opponent’s net before they have the chance! Keep winning to advance to the later stages of the tournament. Use your superkicks to send the ball flying at high speed.

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  • Compete in soccer tournaments
  • Play with or against your friends
  • Team up with your friends in 2v2 matches
  • Use superkicks to outsmart your opponents

Release Date

April 2021


Soccer Legends 2021 is developed by MadPuffers. Check out the developer's other cool sports games, such as Basketball Stars and Tennis Masters.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

1 Player Controls

  • Move: left and right arrow keys or AD
  • Jump: up arrow key or W
  • Slide: down arrow key or S
  • Shot: X or L
  • Supershot: Z or K

2 Player Controls

  • Player 1 move: AD
  • Player 1 jump: W
  • Player 1 slide: S
  • Player 1 shot: B
  • Player 1 supershot: V
  • Player 2 move: left and right arrow keys
  • Player 2 jump: up arrow key
  • Player 2 slide: down arrow key
  • Player 2 shot: L
  • Player 2 supershot: K


Does Soccer Legends feature online play?

The game is singleplayer and local multiplayer only.

Is Soccer Legends the same game as Football Legends?

Yes. The name differs between US and UK audiences, but these are the same game.

Gameplay Video