Defend Your Castle

Defend your castle is a brilliant stickman defense game brought to you by XGenStudios who are also responsible for Stick Arena Dimensions. You own a castle and must defend it from attacking soldiers – you must pick up a soldier and drop them from the sky or throw them through the air to kill them. You must move quickly, click carefully and keep throwing your enemies away!

At the end of each wave of enemies, you can use the points you have accumulated to purchase upgrades and repairs for your castle. You can fortify your castle walls, repair any damage and also purchase other buildings such as an archery range and demolition lab. This game may hurt your wrist, but it is hugely addictive and you will find yourself defending your castle until you have cramp!

Release Date

March 13, 2003


Defend Your Castle is made by XGen Studios.


  • You need to be agile when picking up stickman
  • Buy upgrades to access more abilities


  • Desktop browser



Hold left mouse button to pick up a stickman, move them higher, and release to drop.
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