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Defense Games

Defense Games - Can you successfully defend your territory using skill, cunning and power?

Defense is the best form of attack... or is it the other way round? Either way, defensive strategy is an important aspect of any fighting or military game. Those who can defend themselves have a fantastic advantage and can shut down their opponents with ease. Defense games come in many different forms. Some defense games require you to build epic fortifications, whilst others let you use weapons and skills to fight of enemies. Death by Ninja for example is a fighting defense game - you must defend against waves of deadly ninjas! Zombies can't Jump 2 on the other hand lets you stand on wooden crates an blast away zombies using different guns. If you like to sit back and let your enemies come to you, try out our defense games today!


What are the most popular Defense Games?

  1. Save the Capybara
  2. Tower Swap
  3. Stickman WW2
  4. Funny Battle Simulator
  5. AOD - Art Of Defense
  6. City Takeover
  7. Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense
  8. Tower Defense
  9. Heroic Archer
  10. Cursed Treasure

What are the best Defense Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Tower Swap
  2. City Takeover
  3. Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense
  4. Save the Capybara
  5. Castle Defender Saga

What are Defense Games?

Do you have what it takes to defend your territory against invaders? Our collection of defense games will put your skills to the test. Build up your defenses, strategically place your weapons, and be prepared to fight off waves of enemies.

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