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Global City

(12,457 votes)
June 2024
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet), App Store(iOS, Android), Steam

Global City is a city-building simulator casual game with intricate graphics and innovative designs. You're the town's mayor and have been mandated to manage resource production, complete quests for rewards, and interact with enthusiastic residents to make this town as thriving as possible.

How to Play Global City

Global City is a task management and building game, so most of your gameplay will involve following directions and adding to already completed tasks. You are the mayor of this town and are initially met with plenty of training and guidance on how to turn a rundown town into a thriving metropolis.

Start by constructing basic buildings and infrastructure, such as houses, roads, and factories. Gather resources, complete tasks, and upgrade your buildings to attract more residents and increase your city's prosperity. Expand your city by acquiring new land, unlocking new structures, and enhancing its overall efficiency. Engage with other players through trade, collaboration, and competition to achieve the highest ranking and build the ultimate global city.

You have a task sheet you can refer to to understand how to continue construction and expansion. Refer to it as it will be your lifeline. This one-button casual game has few strategic moves. Follow the arrows on the screen to know your next best move.

Some of the construction you will be building includes:

  • Block of flats
  • Townhouses
  • Lane houses
  • European houses
  • Eco houses
  • Maisonette
  • Elite residential complex
  • Vacation houses

Join friendly communities, trade resources, and compete in tournaments. Strategically collect taxes to grow your population and expand your city into a bustling megapolis.

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Release Date

  • July 2020 (iOS)
  • November 2020 (Android)
  • November 2021 (Steam)
  • February 2022 (HTML5)


This game is available in web browsers (desktop and mobile) and in Android, iOS, and Steam versions.


  • Use the left mouse button to play
  • Use the scroll bar/touchpad to zoom in/out


Can I play Global City on PC?

Global City is available on desktop and mobile and can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play, or Steam.

Is Global City free?

Global City is free and can be played online at CrazyGames.

Is Global City offline or online?

Global City can be played online at CrazyGames or via an App Store or Google Play app.

Gameplay Video

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