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Papa's Freezeria

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Flash (emulated)
Browser (desktop-only), iOS, Android

Manage an ice cream shop in Papa’s Freezeria! Papa Louie is out of town and has left you in charge of the Freezeria. Make the perfect sundaes for customers enjoying summer vacation in this classic restaurant management game.

How to Play

Make delectable desserts

Life at Papa’s Freezeria starts simple. You get to play as Alberto or Penny. There are a few customers, and the pace is pretty easy-going, laid-back by the beach style.

Build your customer’s favorite ice cream sundae to spec, and they’ll be happy with the product. The game starts with a simple tutorial to ease you into your new role.

Manage your time effectively

If you think you’re in for an easy summer job, you’re in for a surprise. As the days pass, the shop gets increasingly busy; the customers are more demanding. You’ll juggle multiple sundae orders at once, so time management is critical.

At the end of each level, your topping, mixing, building, and waiting score is added up. Maximize your score for the best tips!

Purchase upgrades

Papa demands that you reinvest your hard-earned tips into the business instead of letting you keep them.

You can buy various upgrades for the shop to make life easier as the levels get trickier. You can buy blender booster upgrades, blend level alarms, auto ice cream, and more. Automation is essential as you scale up your customer capacity! Even furniture upgrades provide additional benefits.

Get the scoop on your customers

Know your customer. Papa Louie doesn’t mess around. He has a detailed book filled with his customer’s personal details from sundae fanatics to casual consumers. Study this book and learn what your customer wants.

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  • Run your Papa's Freezeria while he's AFK
  • Build the most delectable desserts on this beachfront
  • Satisfy your customers' sweet tooth to get big tips
  • Reap the rewards of being an expert in ice cream


Papa's Freezeria is developed by Flipline Studios.

Release Date

August 2011


Why is Papa’s Freezeria not working?

There could be many reasons why the game isn’t working. 

  • You must be on a desktop PC using a supported web browser like Google Chrome or Firefox to play Papa’s Freezeria. 
  • Clearing your browser cache and disabling any AdBlock software could help resolve issues.
  • Contact CrazyGames if Papa’s Freezeria still doesn’t work for you.

How can I play Papa’s Freezeria without Flash?

You can play Papa’s Freezeria without Flash at CrazyGames.com thanks to emulation technologies. There is no need to make any downloads for it to work.


Mouse to play.

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