Lethal Sniper 3D: Army Soldier
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Lethal Sniper 3D: Army Soldier

In Lethal Sniper 3D, you become an elite sniper. Your job is to eliminate stationed enemies based on certain conditions. Can you advance further and become the one legendary sniper?

Release Date

  • February 2015 (iOS)
  • August 2019 (Android and WebGL)


Lethal Sniper 3D: Army Soldier is made by Paper Bunker. Check out their other interesting games in Horror Nights Story and Goat vs Zombies.


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS


  • L: Lock/unlock mouse
  • Left click: Standard shoot
  • Right click: Controlled shoot
  • Mouse scroll: Zoom in/out
  • Shift: Hold the breath
  • Space: Activate thermal vision
  • X: Call airstrike
  • Esc: Open menu