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Army Games

People enjoy army games because they get the thrill and adrenaline of war, without the drastic consequences.

Play as a Soldier

The most popular type of military game is the first-person shooter. These games test your reaction times and aiming skills. Put yours to the test in Forward Assault Remix, a fast-paced online FPS game. See FPS games for more.

Play Strategy

Military strategy games are popular because they put you in the ultimate position of control. From there, you can conquer the enemy, build a stable society, and earn the honor and respect of your people.

Play More Army Games

Some gamers prefer vehicular combat. Maybe they’d rather obliterate tanks in Tank Battlefield Desert. Or you can take it easy and click your war to military dominance in War Clicks.

Whatever kind of army game you want to play, we’ve got you covered. Browse the collection for more!


What are the most popular Army Games?

  1. Forward Assault Remix
  2. Funny Battle Simulator 2
  3. Merge Army
  4. Feudal Wars
  5. War of Tanks
  6. Battalion Commander 2
  7. Battalion Commander
  8. Epic Army Clash
  9. World Battle of the Future
  10. Behold Battle

What are the best Army Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Merge Army
  2. North War
  3. Clash of Vikings
  4. Battalion Commander
  5. Stickman Army: The Defenders

What are Army Games?

Army games let you play as part of the military in one or more roles. You can be the strategist in the sky or the footsoldier on the ground doing the dirty work. Gamers love being thrown into battle, which is why army games are some of the most popular types of browser titles available on the web.

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