House Of Wolves

House of Wolves is a fun and intriguing strategy game in which you must build up a thriving settlement and recruit troops to defend the realm. You must first build settellers who can harvest important materials and build structures. You must collect materials such as wood and stone to construct buildings, and rear chickens to provide food for your people.

Once you have established a basic economy you can then turn your attention towards buildings troops to defend your settlement and to attack the dark creatures in the forest – examples of available units include spearmen and mounted swordsmen. The map is side-scrolling and you must explore further to unlock new territories and to encounter new enemies. You must also try to complete the various objectives that are set such as building a certain amount of troops or kill x amount of infantry. This game has great depth and playability so enter the House of Wolves today and start conquering!


House of Wolves is developed by Louissi.



  • Left click to select units and buildings
  • Right click to move units and perform actions
  • Left click on the map to scroll left and right
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