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Clash of Vikings


Clash of Vikings is a strategic battle game where you summon Vikings to fight a single enemy. Place your units tactically using your elixir points and try to destroy the enemy’s towers before they bring you down.

How to Play

Choose your deck

Your deck features eight cards in total. In the card deck menu you can sort and swap your moves to create a deck that suits your playing style. You can also view information about each card to make an informed decision.

Do battle like the Vikings

Drag your units into the battlefield and they’ll head off to strike the enemy's castle. Each Viking has an associated elixir cost, and you’ll have to wait until your elixir is replenished before calling on any more soldiers.

Become a Viking hero

There are ranged units, tank-like Viking warlords, and spells to take your opponent by surprise. Think carefully about whether you want to play defensively or go on the attack. In the final 60 seconds, your elixir regenerates at 2x the regular rate so you can spawn Vikings pretty fast. The winner is the side that destroys the most towers.

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  • Several card types to choose from
  • Customizable deck to suit your strategy
  • Viking theme combined with magical abilities
  • Summon various enemies and spells to battle

Release Date

February 2017


This game is a web browser game (desktop and mobile).

Last Updated

Oct 11, 2022



Use the left mouse button to drag troops into position.