Go Kart Pro
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Go Kart Pro

Go Kart Pro is an epic racing game in which you take to the wheel of your very own Go Kart! If you love racing at break neck speeds in a small car that turns fast and accelerates even faster then this is the game for you! This game takes inspiration from Mario Kart and has some fun and exciting features such as different boosts.

Use these boosts to give you an advantage over the other racers. You can also pick up gold coins that are scattered around the track - these will give you a speed boost. As you win races, you can unlock awesome new tracks and locations, and even some cool new karts. How will your racing skills compare to the other Go Kart enthusiasts?

Release Date

September 2018


Go Kart Pro is made by Studd Games.


  • A fun kart game that is inspired by Mario Kart
  • 6 racers with a different ability
  • 6 tracks to play
  • Multiplayer mode to challenge other players worldwide
  • Smooth 3D graphics


Web browser


  • WASD or arrow keys to drive the kart
  • C to change camera
  • X to use a power skill
  • P to pause