EF Universe: Endless Battle

EF Universe: Endless Battle is the cool clicker adventure game in which your destined to fight off ferocious monsters in battle and defeat anything the dares try to fight you. You will endlessly be confronted with different types of monsters and you must defeat them all in battle.

As you defeat an enemy they will drop coins, you can use these coins to upgrade your character with new equipment and appearances. If you need a little assistance friends can join the battle to help you rid the land of the persistent monsters. Good luck!

Release Date

June 2018


EF Universe: Endless Battle is developed by EF Universe Games. This game is set in the same universe in Ellen's Friends book series. The 6th and upcoming episode is Mojula Frontier which is coming as a Steam game which you can preorder here.


  • A fully featured clicker-idle game
  • Area system with a set of levels and different monsters
  • Craftable new gears
  • Changeable hero's equipment's appearance
  • Party members to help your adventure
  • Premium store
  • Cool artworks


EF Universe: Endless Battle is a web browser game.



Left click to play.
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