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Clicker Heroes

(67,813 votes)
September 2022
Last Updated:
September 2022
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet), App Store(iOS, Android), Steam
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Clicker Heroes is an original idle clicker game. Go on an epic adventure and slay monsters, upgrade heroes with the gold you collect, find treasures, and kill bosses. Clicker Heroes is a game that helped propel clicker games into the mainstream alongside other classics like Idle Breakout.

How to Play

Click to kill

Embark on a quest to become a powerful warrior. Strike down each beast you see by clicking them repeatedly, then reap the gold rewards left behind. Every click you make has a single damage value that you can continuously upgrade for more power.

Hire heroes to help

Hire different heroes to help you take down monsters faster. Every hero has their own DPS and a set of upgrades that are sometimes unique. Often the hero upgrades allow further significant increases to their DPS. Heroes allow you to kill enemy mobs and take gold without lifting a finger.

The heroes get progressively more expensive, but you get what you pay for in strength and powerful upgrades. The further you get, the more heroes emerge, becoming your next big purchase that allows you to move further into more lucrative lands.

Explore new lands and beat bosses

Each region has new and exciting monsters to fight. Start at the forest and progress into drylands and other locations. At the end of each region, there is a difficult boss fight - the boss has extra health and takes all your might to vanquish! If you fail to beat the boss, you’ll bounce back to the previous stage where you can build your skills further before entering the fight again.


Clicker Heroes is developed by Playsaurus. Visit their website.

Release Date

July 2014. The web version can be played exclusively on CrazyGames!


Clicker Heroes is available as a web browser game, Android game, and iOS game. It has also been available on Steam since May 2015.

Last Updated

Sep 06, 2022


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Clicker Heroes guide

Clicker Heroes is an extensive clicker game with plenty to learn. You can find out about all the characters and bosses, as well as how to ascend and transcend by reading the guides on the Clicker Heroes wiki.


  • Click to take down enemies
  • More than 1,000 zones to explore
  • Hire various warriors and buy unique upgrades
  • The original Clicker Heroes - back on the web

Gameplay Video

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