Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes - The original idle clicker. Clicker Heroes is one of the best clicker games around. It takes you on an epic adventure in which you have to kill monsters, upgrade heroes with the gold you collect, find treasures, and kill bosses.

This game was one of the games that started the whole clicker genre, together with the classic Cookie Clicker.

To start, players must embark on your quest to become a bold and fierce warrior. A player is presented with different monsters and beasts to fight. To defeat a monster, a simple series of clicks is required - each click is a single attack doing a set DPS.

Hire different heroes to help you play and fight. Each hero has a different level of damage and set of upgrades. The upgrades are progressive and become more expensive each time. Players can upgrade their basic clicking attack, but also their heroes attacks with continue to collect gold even when the player is idle.

Work through different stages and regions. Each region has new and exciting monsters to fight. Start at the forest and progress into the dryland, for example. At the end of each region, there is a difficult boss fight - the boss has extra health and takes all your might to vanquish!

The upgrades and heroes available are interesting and varied. Start with Cid, the helpful adventurer - he boosts your basic attack damage,. Next, we have the awesome tree beast - this creature helps with high damage idle attacks. As players progress, the heroes become more expensive, but deal more damage as a result.

For example, Brittany the Princess costs 1000 coins to hire, but her basic attack without upgrades does 74 damage per second. Remember that each hero has a set of abilities and upgrades. These abilities are costly but greatly improve the effectiveness of your heroes.

The Tree beast, for example has a fertilizer upgrade - this costs 500 coins, but increases his damage by 100%. Choose carefully which upgrades you buy. Players must have a careful balance of buying upgrades, and hiring new heroes. Don’t forget to use your click attack so that you can slay those monsters quicker!


This game is developed by Playsaurus.


  • More than 1000 zones
  • Many unique monsters
  • Fun clicker gameplay
  • Warriors for hire

Release Date

July 2014


Clicker Heroes is available as a web browser game, as an Android game, and as an iOS game. It can also be found on Steam since May 2015.



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