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Smarty Bubbles is a match-3 bubble shooting game with fun, relaxing gameplay. Shoot the bubbles at the matching colors and enjoy popping them all away. Your urge to pop bubbles will be satisfied by playing this game for free, here.

How to Play Smarty Bubbles

Shoot Bubbles

You’re given a bubble. You aim that bubble. You fire. Preferably, you fire the bubble towards bubbles that look the same. Match 3, and you get the sweet satisfaction of popping bubbles. Especially when you pop a big group of them all at once.

Enjoy the Ambiance

The sound effects and music work together to create the ideal experience for a bubble-shooting enthusiast. You can choose from a selection of four musical tracks any time you want to shift the mood.

Play Endlessly

Some bubble shooting games feature a multitude of easy levels. Not Smarty Bubbles. This game is the classic ‘endless’ type and is quite challenging compared to similar games.


The bubbles move further down the screen, so you have to pop faster and not allow one side to be overwhelmed with a high quantity of multi-colored bubbles. Try to pop evenly and go for the biggest clusters. You can also bounce the bubbles off the walls to get in hard-to-reach locations, often referred to as bubble ravines.

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  • Relaxing gameplay and aesthetic
  • A choice of four pieces of music
  • Challenging gameplay format
  • Detailed stats on your completed games


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Left click to shoot the bubbles. Hold left mouse button to aim.

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