Poppit is an awesome puzzle game in which you must match three or more of the same color balloon together and pop them to increase your score and decrease your stress levels! Simply click on a balloon and watch it pop - any balloon of the same color that is adjacent will also pop. Try to create big combos and pop as many balloons as possible in one go!

You must choose your moves carefully as you have to clear all of the balloons from a level to progress - if you are stuck with no balloons to pop, you must undo your moves or restart from the beginning! Try to pop the balloons that contain prizes and work as quickly as possible to register a high score. Can you complete every level?

Release Date

January 2007


  • Simple game in which you can just popping balloons
  • Various prizes to be collected inside the balloon
  • Funny animation of the cactus


  • Web browser


Left click to pop baloons.
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