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Can you master the logic of Bloxorz? Bloxorz is an addictive puzzle game that tests your logic and patience. The aim of the game is simple – you must direct the block into the hole. With 33 levels in total this game has great playability and will truly test your brain.

Using the keyboard arrow keys you must move the block across the level and place it in the hole – this might seem easy but you must account for the position of the block, the obstacles in front of you, and the position of the hole.

Be careful to not fall off the edge of the level otherwise you will have to start from the beginning. Furthermore, be sure to position your block carefully as it will only fit in the hole one particular way.

As the levels progress, you will encounter a variety of obstacles including bridges that require a switch to activate, and tiles that disappear if you land on them. Can you complete all 33 levels and master the blocks?

Bloxorz block types

This game has a variety of blocks throughout the 33 stages to complete. The following are examples of the block types:
  • Cricle blocks
  • Paremthesis blocks
  • Orange tiles
The circle blocks, for example, open or close trapdoors. Alternatively, the parenthesis blocks teleport your block and split it into smaller blocks. Finally, the orange tiles break easily and cannot cope with the block standing vertically.

Look for the exit hole and asses how you can get the block to fall through it. You must engage these special tiles as you play and figure out how to use them to your advantage. This game is truly testing - see if you can get the block into the square hole on each level!


Bloxorz is created by Damien Clarke from DX Interactive.


Arrow keys to move the block.