ATV Industrial
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ATV Industrial

ATV Industrial is a challenging quad bike racing game in which you must complete a variety of courses and show off your ATV driving skills. Each course has a variety of challenging obstacles and outdoor areas - you must drive over hills, moving platforms and bumpy roads. The industrial theme is continued throughout each course so expect a range of industrial equipment.

When driving, you must use a combination of acceleration and balance to complete the course quickly but carefully. If you drive too fast over the obstacles, you risk coming unseated and crashing - if you crash you have to restart at the previous checkpoint. For each course you complete, you unlock a new track to race on. This game has great playability and is sure to test your driving skills! Play the bike version in Moto Trials: Industrial.


  • Use WS or up/down arrow to move ATV
  • Press AD or left/right arrow to tilt