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Papers Scissors Rocks is a fun .io game in which you must use the basic gameplay of the traditional rock, paper, scissors schoolyard game. You are assigned to one of the three teams: pink for paper, blue for scissors and green for rock. When you have chosen a team, you can select a type of character - faster, booster or hider - each character has a different role and abilities.

The aim of the game is simple. You must catch the opposing team to win! You must remember the age old triangle however: paper catches rock, rock catches scissor and scissor catches paper. Do not try and catch a team that can defeat you! If you catch a player from an opposing team, they are converted to your side and you gain a point - simple! Try and work together with your fellow teammates to conquer the arena and dominate this classic game!


Papers.Scissors.Rocks is developed by Sergii Nagin.


  • Use your mouse to move
  • Space bar or left click or right click to boost or use an ability.