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Idle Upgrade Games

Upgrading is such a big part of so many games. However, idle games are built firmly on the foundation of upgrading. If you’re addicted to progress, they’re an excellent choice.

Check out Babel Tower and Doge Miner for that kind of gameplay. Road Crash is also an idle game, but it uniquely combines idle elements with racing gameplay.

Racing Games

If you’re looking for more of a racing focus, there’s plenty of racing titles that involve vehicle upgrades to win harder races. Take to the asphalt in Burnout Drift and build the ideal drifting machine. Try your chances speeding through heavy traffic in Highway Racer and kit up your wheels in preparation for multiplayer racing.

More Upgrade Games

Some games feature merging as part of the upgrade process, so check out merge games if that's what you're looking for. If you enjoy the satisfaction of progress via upgrades and improvement, browse the collection to find a game in your preferred genre, and start playing!


What are the most popular Upgrade Games?

  1. Bloxd.io
  2. Funny Shooter 2
  3. Highway Racer
  4. Ships 3D
  5. Market Boss
  6. Clicker Heroes
  7. Spooky Island
  8. Planet Clicker 2
  9. Candy Clicker 2
  10. Air Wars 3

What are the best Upgrade Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Bloxd.io
  2. Diamond Hunt Mobile
  3. Gold Digger FRVR
  4. GoBattle.io
  5. CyberDino: T-Rex vs Robots

What are some underrated Upgrade Games?

  1. Learn To Fly
  2. Idle Miner
  3. Tiny Fishing

What are Upgrade Games?

Upgrade games feature improvement as a core gameplay element. In many games, upgrading is essential for conquering harder challenges later in the game. These upgrades could be for your character or equipment, and they drive you to keep playing. It’s pivotal in games from adventure, action, and strategy to simple point-and-click games.

We collected 856 of the best free online upgrade games. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. They include new upgrade games such as and top upgrade games such as Bloxd.io, Funny Shooter 2, and Highway Racer.
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