Upgrade Games

Whether you're looking for intense action or casual fun, you'll find all of that and more in our huge selection of upgrade games! We bring you all the usual gameplay you want, but add room for improvement – literally. Use your skill to win, but skill alone won't help you here. You'll also need to upgrade your troops or characters if you expect to keep going. So jump in, get started and increase your strength as fast as you can!
Upgrade Games


What are the most popular Upgrade Games?

  1. Doge Miner 2
  2. Air Wars 2
  3. MiniGiants.io
  4. Wolf Simulator: Wild Animals 3D
  5. Air Wars 3
  6. Blocky Demolition Derby
  7. Airport Clash 3D
  8. Tiger Simulator 3D
  9. Tank Off 2
  10. Death Chase

What are the best Upgrade Games to play on phones and tablets?

  1. Doge Miner 2
  2. Sword.io
  3. Airport Clash 3D
  4. Cars: Lightning Speed
  5. MiniGiants.io

What are Upgrade Games?

Upgrade games are like most other games, but improving your character, army or equipment is a major part of the overall gameplay. In other words, you have to upgrade in order to win. Choosing the right upgrades to fit the situation is an important thing. These can take all kinds of forms, like 2D side-scrollers, simple clicking games or strategy and adventure titles.

Uh oh, Earth seems to have hit a bit of a rough patch and it's up to you and a group of brave colonists to make your way across the stars to a new home in Destination Kepler! Increase your crew size, conduct research and upgrade your ship throughout your journey. You'll need all the help you can get as you occasionally dodge hostile stretches of space filled with all kinds of enemies and obstacles who want to stop your crew. We'd all like to thing knights are mighty, but sometimes they need a helping hand to become, well, mightier. That's exactly what it's all about in Mighty Knight 2! Take control of a knight and enlist the help of the computer or your friends to take on all kinds of enemies. Work your way through the game and get useful upgrades to keep up with more and more powerful attackers. Are you a fan of racing? How about racing in bikes and cars made of trash cans, wooden horses and other weird items? It's not your typical race, but maybe that's why it's called Madmen Racing 2! You'd have to be nuts to try this sort of thing in real life, but you get to enjoy this through the safety of your web browser. Win races on crazy tracks, pull off stunts and finish missions to gain upgrades that make your wild racing experience that much wilder! Real boxing is all about experience and training, so why should virtual boxing be any different? That's exactly what you're looking at in Boxing Live 2! Give your boxer the time and practice he needs to get in the ring with the big players, including Mike Tyson himself (just watch your ear)!

We collected 914 of the best free online upgrade games. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as driving games apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. Here we show you games 1-70, including Doge Miner 2, Air Wars 2, MiniGiants.io, and many other free games.