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Ninja Games

Go stealth mode ninja style! Fly under the radar in these free ninja games and drop some slick ninja fighting moves to make you feel like a true ninja warrior.

Strike Like a Ninja

Ninjas were covert agents active in feudal Japan, conducting all kinds of shady and secretive activities, often under the darkness of night. They used samurai swords, shurikens, and other deadly weapons to swiftly and silently take down their targets. You can master the art of stealth that was once the hallmark of these mysterious night fighters in these online ninja games!

Popular Ninja Games

Ninja Hands and Ninja Escape are two popular casual ninja games that involve busting ninja moves to battle foes. Ninja Clash Heroes is another popular ninja-themed choice in the FPS genre. Along with these top-rated ninja games, you can check out legendary titles like Fruit Ninja, where you swipe and slice flying fruits like a samurai chef.

Browse the complete collection for more and enjoy playing any of these free online ninja games on your desktop and mobile devices.


What are the most popular Ninja Games?

  1. Ninja Hands
  2. Shadow Ninja Revenge
  3. Ninja Escape
  4. Ninja Hands 2
  5. Ninja Clash Heroes
  6. Ghost Walker
  7. Crazy Assassin
  8. Epic Ninja
  9. Ninja Rian
  10. The Legendary Assassin Ninja KAL

What are the best Ninja Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Ninja Painter
  2. Ghost Walker
  3. Shadow Ninja Revenge
  4. Ninja Clash Heroes
  5. Ninja Escape

What are Ninja Games?

Ninja games are games where you play as a ninja in various scenarios. These games often feature the stereotypical image of a ninja, along with their legendary combat moves. Ninja games may also feature a Japanese backdrop and other elements of Japanese culture.

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