White Water Rush

White Water Rush is an awesome kayaking game in which you must test out your sailing skills on some epic white water river courses. You must plunge your kayak into some truly challenging and ferocious currents and fight against the waves. This kayaking game presents a unique challenge however as you can play split screen, against AI opponents and even against up to 3 other players online!

Use the A/D keys to steer your kayak and use the space bar to boost your speed - you must use this speed boost carefully however as it only has a limited supply. You can collect power-ups during the race that can refill your boost bar and give you an advantage against your opponents. Can you compete with the best kayakers around the world and show your skill?

Release Date

March 2018


White Water Rush was developed by Studd Games.


  • Two games modes, single player to play against 5 computer-controlled players and multiplayer to play against 3 online players.
  • Unlockable teams and tracks
  • You can boost speed
  • Pickable power-ups
  • Cool and smooth graphics


White Water Rush is a web browser game.


  • AD or left/right arrow to steer
  • Space bar to boost speed
  • R to restart position
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