Loon Ride

Loon Ride is the super fun arcade game in which your relaxing hot air balloon ride has taken a prickly turn for the worst. You have somehow drifted into a field of cacti which means bad news for the fragile hot air balloon. You must try to avoid every single cactus to continue your ascent safely.

To help you on your journey you may use a protective cloud to hit the cactus out of the way creating a safe path for you to float through. Try to collect the golden cactus as this will give you extra points which you can exchange for better model balloons. Good Luck!

Release Date

March 2017


Loonride made this game.


  • A fun arcade game with air balloon character
  • 2 game modes: endless and level challenges
  • Unlockable more air balloon models
  • Cactus obstacles


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android



  • Use left and right arrow to move
  • Press left mouse button or space bar to shoot
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