Gunslinger Wild Western Wolf
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Gunslinger Wild Western Wolf

Gunslinger Wild Western Wolf is the western shooting game in which you must join the famous cowboys of the wild wild west. The civil war still rages on in the 1861 to 1865 era and dangerous shooters such as Billy the Kid and Geronimo have met in one place with one task – to be beat you in a duel.

Join the western war and visit the areas built by the native Americans. This multiplayer shooter game allows you to fight in the war against other players as you pick your side. The native Indian Americans or the cowboys. Have Fun!

Release Date

August 2018


Le Hieu developed this game.


Web browser


  • mouse = SHOOT
  • C = CROUCH
  • R = RELOAD
  • 1-4 = WEAPONS
  • L = SHOW MAP