Battleships Armada

Battleships Armada is a new take on the original classic battleships game that we have all grown to love and play. This is an online version that can be played on mobile and desktop browser due to the simple but addictive game mechanisms. The aim of the game remains the same, shoot down all of your opponent's battleships!

At the beginning of the game, you will have a selection of differently sized battleships that you need to position them on your side of the board. Position them strategically to help them avoid being destroyed by the opponent. Select firing locations by choosing a square in your opponent's side of the board. Then fire away. Have fun!

Release Date

October 2018


Battleships Armada was made by RAVALMATIC.


  • A modern remake of the classic Battleships
  • Three difficulty options
  • Five battleships to deploy and destroy
  • Beautiful graphics and animations
  • You can play in fullscreen


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Use left mouse button to play.
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