5MinToKill.io is a fun io game in which you must move around an expansive city and try to eliminate as many enemies as possible. You start with absolutely nothing (only your bare fists!), and you must move around the city and try to collect weapons such as shotguns, machine guns and rocket launchers. Also look out for ammunition crates to refill your weapons.

Aside from killing other players, you must also keep an eye out for the poisonous gas that moves slowly towards the centre of the map – if you touch this green gas at all you will be eliminated! Try to move as quickly as possible whilst avoiding enemy gun fire and avoiding the gas! This game is a huge amount of fun and the gameplay and graphics are spot on. Can you survive for 5 minutes?

Release Date

August 2017


  • Many guns to be found and used
  • You can only attack others with a gun
  • An armor is a good protection gear
  • High wall buildings that can block your sight
  • Shotted player leaves blood trail


  • Web browser



  • WASD to move
  • Left click or space bar to shoot
  • E or right click to pick-up
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