Wrekit.io is another intense multiplayer io game in which you control your very own tank equipped with a huge spiky wrecking ball! You must swing this ball around and try to eliminate the other players. You may think this is easy, but it takes timing and skill to manoeuvre the ball properly and use it effectively!

Aside from hitting other players with your immense wrecking ball, you can also hit the random colored objects on the map - hitting these will increase your own power and size and increase the size of your wrecking ball! This game is a classic io title and the gameplay is fun and easy to pick up - if you enjoy this title, why not try Goons.io which is another multiplayer fighting title!

Release Date

February 2018


Gabriel Pinheiro made this game.


  • Simple tank models
  • Swinging the wrecking ball requires good timing and strategy
  • Class upgrades are available
  • You can see the position of the first player on the mini-map
  • A black hole that can pull and damage you over time


  • Web browser



Left click or space bar to pull the wrecking ball.
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