Targ.io Battle Royale is the super fun battle royal game in which you are competing against other online players in a game that will test your abilities to react and think quickly. You will start with a small petri dish, you must quickly absorb other smaller cells around the map to grow your size.

You can absorb anything smaller in size than yourself including other players! But this means you can be absorbed too! Enjoy the 4 different game modes that are available to play that will challenge you with different objectives. Have fun in this classic style game!

Release Date

June 2018


Sadik Sejdiu made this game.


  • 4 game modes: FFA, instant merge, experimental, and rainbow in which every color is blinking
  • Fast server with a no lag option
  • You can play a solo game
  • Chatting and spectating other players
  • Fancy characters list to use as your nickname


Web browser



  • Move your mouse to control the movement
  • Space bar to split
  • W to eject masses
  • Ctrl to fast split
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