Quantum Game with Photons

Quantum Game with Photons is a fun game about science and photons. If you enjoy science and learning about photons, then you will find this game interesting! During each different level, you must successfully fire the photon to hit the various detectors.

This might sound simple, but you must use calculations and place different materials in their correct position – it is challenging! With 34 different levels to play, Quantum Game with Photons will keep you entertained and enthralled for hours!

Release Date

March 2016


This game is made by Piotr Migdal, Patryk Hes, and Michal Krupinski.


  • A cool puzzle game that is based on quantum mechanics
  • Inspired by the video game The Incredible Machine and Chromatron
  • 34 levels to play
  • Plenty of science objects to use and observe


Web browser


  • Drag left mouse button to place an object
  • Press left mouse button to rotate
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